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October 12, 2015

A time like this last year I decided to go natural . Meaning, after so many years of relaxing relentlessly, I said enough is enough, and completely quit applying chemicals products onto it. I didn’t go with the big chop like most people do when they make this huge decision but rather chose to transition slowly into it because of serious attachment issues to my hair. I am sure some of you share my sentiments 🙂  The reason I decided to join the naturalista’s club is not only because the benefits obviously outweighed having permed hair but because my hair was getting weaker and weaker over time and thinning due to use of harmful chemicals and manipulative styling processes. And to be sincere with you I had always been curious to know how my hair would look like in its natural state.

It has been a very interesting and challenging journey of learning what my hair requires, what works and what does not. That being a post for another day, I would like to talk more on styling and like the heading suggests, I want to share with you various ways that I use my scarves to style and accessories my hair when I have no time to but still need to step out and stand out. With my love for series, I decided to do another round of it, this time showing you about four of my favourite ways to wrap my hair with a turban.

These series has to be one of the most exciting and fun shoots yet, particularly because I had a really creative team full of life. They helped me execute my ideas into actualization and I am deeply grateful for them. Anyways, enough of digressing, here is the first turban look…..

t1_gk6WuBMAUegpVaq6DKYd0A6lIbYDSwc3Y8iOATLv0E,DVOD1Ud34Uz2FLMrUavuFvVFEjdwygcN8VcixKsgRn8,9ZRArSUGp6d07A7eLyT4DOTehZpwsfxs5LWZLuWZhs0crop 2edit 1Make-up – Michelle of Lush Beauty by Michelle

Eye lashes- Chelsea Beautique

Photography – SixtyOne & Jonas assisted by Nelly

Scarf – Toi Market, Adams Arcade







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