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October 25, 2015

Do you remember the last time you laughed? Not the Haha kind but the kind where you felt  like your ribs were cracking , the tears were uncontrollable, your cheeks were burning?Do you remember the last time someone said something to you that made you all warm and fuzzy inside or when you last read a text message/email/letter that made you feel giddy ?Do you remember the last time someone gave you so much joy with a kind gesture?

AJm6_M6Qz-kJyic9Hi3onHsjcH3QiZF_D5hYIbNOfso,k1T_4Qvdk7pBlwbRsutQjujqENMBAY--irKAp9ouVD0,4mSD8pN2j042G_397-KVVNVSOElIkG5BLjRC-x3EL7EIf to all of the questions above your answer was yesterday, a few days ago, or even last week, you are extremely blessed. It is not everyday or often that we get to have a day full of laughter or joy. What I’m trying to gist is that,whenever we get to experience anything as magical and simple as hearty laughter we all ought to take a moment to say a silent ‘THANK YOU”. There are people who go for weeks even months without sunshine and flowers (not literally) because of how life is treating them…..or should we say how they view life. How we perceive life and choose to face  it is majorly determined by our attitude. If we are negative, we attract bad energy and the chances of improving our chances are next to zero if not it.  If we are positive, we attract light, abundance and making lemonade out of lemons becomes a sweet ride.

They say that to make change you need to BE the change. Meaning your happiness is purely dependent on your decisions and actions.Today, my challenge to you and to myself is that we BE the people that we want to see around us.

BE THE LIGHTzYfmAmJOZhApkSaLvUyhtc0PGuIdcbUsAZbZdsk6X1I,KaQGyvoi4yvvOkvc5cEU0kx-9i7DKnGMJetxgBgeeNk,G_EMsrlIdiwLjEore1zHBB8JgqzypalM2RWL6NGpoLg

BE THE SUNSHINE joBsYD263GOm_w6C0P7dZNx_2KciE8zHe_4ggOYYpeo,afoj9t-M_96-8a_IRij__AzY-76RwK2SVMo_PlyP7IQ,vZtmc-mphbAhBqhGI5XW37SYAbwfLVcZl0wyC5oo3P8BE THE FLOWERqoqpmZLJS_PiRAJCWhelsN-Jkpe_RTaqeTI6onJtMoI,q7ravszafVOdpKppDZF49Sxq5JPi0NRh5-W2fNVKl84,Wc37y35eYPXuZ9KaqceIm5NN8jIyckW-vyJS1by0_20Yzf26zgI91z5m6eBk8x-pPj9d5dfWfKdFPg5353GBLM,0zEQcbiwZTjhJz5ebim3ipkV_TKPHuWDQilZxi3rsDE,Yigipvf3wdeuCUT_dOjMBBi3OzMwkvBgZpLwJkkeDTw,wL9VzDKYvuKwVmN7ihzihNYwPf1OFKFD4qJAnb9Jd74BE THE POSITIVE ENERGYo7vEvE4aM4X83xi_TcOn37sydIoA9LtO04Y4s_gckwk,VkefWoLdg_XKcjkkjXKDqsYGYdyxjbwT2FsDeNBLFhY,86dY0i0AhFacxn6fnVMPnYmLEhmqRhLyNoHbwAtfHd8BE THE LAUGHTER, THE JOY & THE SMILEcwY7o3bk8WyftoQuJ3dhJrjm1v61tZPe720IdQ-UvOc,imv13W6I_YtJcKIuXAELZHYB1Fryi1tHXRyzJczAqP8,hpgLiXLTu5gqz7Aoj2IZ0Qi5lk8_vXwRovFM-qB1UUkqGib9xqC7ueXFhFue7cpBttrIMrPP7hESRu-yufM0d0,aeM9YP8V-4twdGk4086F1D0GCmQeNGcg0UIBSsN-jK0,BMs7a-zD8U9VR7ikpO1D36yRGFROgeJNOwyOaHkylp8trb-Lx1fLTlMnG8ENEP9gJUPeQNo1zBuOqoxyAUykT8,Ny2Mm6e51dqsWMNu16GNpriNkH7M0ZAqOqc_UEBRhPA,oIBWIKPDj7ozk3Z9anOy0xGKdwe1haxH-3OZTelvgNA

BE THE OPTIMISTrm40ui6r5WRSX_k3D6_qZ4yhU5Vb206k0c7YbwNmoo0,ND1tvMdLeKH5pc3JcfSUDsflGUZxXUAGeyn_hY6WXcQ,NEX9cNTDVb_sZggVbPRATnuReUzHwssFAOQB-Ke2PXM,N6YYgFz3Kau6nxg70rqHhI5CXAfUEoKPl_hwxRs-NhA Raoggv2FgTEP2AJu0Cc5WJ-EMt2xeRReMfeXkzmgQo0,A8cUkT9MqJyIW-kHH8wiLlTWZA_LCFrajfRsUjStsCI,WuIk8gIue8F6iylCX0wHuFNtr3oy4AI4dQ6R_LRF7UUo9tKUL9oYp2R2b7I6KlTS1k6E6OFBlU0vQCDwZsPIJM,M2yRG3ZR9i6WG4AK5wbsCC4YRaR-XUwS2tA3YzW5TH4,DkHLfehhpMswQg5Q3iXkptQquUs8qxoOYAlvfUSZcJI

Make-up – Michelle of Lush Beauty by Michelle

Eye lashes- Chelsea Beautique

Photography – SixtyOne & Jonas assisted by Nelly

Scarf – Toi Market, Adams Arcade

Let’s talk less about being better people  and JUST BE !!!!!!

Blessed Sunday 🙂


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