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October 21, 2015

Hi lovely people. I trust you had an awesome weekend and memorable Mashujaa’s day ( Kenya’s National Day to celebrate local heroes).  The past few days have been pretty fun and chilled so I had plenty of time on my hands to give some Tender Loving Care (TLC) to my hair. Ever since I decided to transition (like I mentioned here and here), I have been treating and deep conditioning my own hair on a weekly basis. This time round I decided to do it on Sunday afternoon and I could literally feel my hair singing hymns of gratification after.

I had to dash out really quick that evening and because I was not ready to rinse out the treatment I decided to just come up with a turban look to save the day. Turbans really do come to a girl’s rescue especially when you need to distract the world from the mess underneath the elastic cap . I was wearing all black that day so to spice up my look I decided to come up with a wild and sexy look so that it could double up as an accessory. Conviniently, it took me about three minutes to achieve this wrapping style using three of my favourite animal print scarves together. Some of you have been asking me to do turtorials for this and the other looks so I am working on that because sharing is caring. Hope you all like this style as much as you did the last two.

Make-up – Michelle of Lush Beauty by Michelle

Eye lashes- Chelsea Beautique

Photography – SixtyOne & Jonas assisted by Nelly

Scarf – Toi Market, Adams Arcade

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Thank you for stopping by. Have a blessed and super productive week.


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