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October 15, 2015

Morning lovely people. I trust that you all are having a wonderful week and are as excited as I am for the weekend. If you read my last post, you will remember that I indeed started another series dubbed THE WRAPLIFE SERIES and incase you missed the last part, here its is.

In the last couple of weeks, Nairobi has been experiencing insanely high temperatures. As you all know this does not do any good for our skin or our hair. As a new naturalista I realized that;

  • It is difficult to control hair in its natural state when it is extremely humid because the hair tends to become fluffier or frizzier
  • My hair substantially shrinks during this time
  • I experience lots of dryness due to the fact that natural hair is more porous (allowing more water in and out) compared to straight hair

This experiences have left me frustrated on several occasions in terms of styling but with a good attitude, I always managed to come up with solutions. In these moments I have learnt to ;embrace my hair texture , work with my particular texture to avoid damage and frustration, be creative with protective styling and last but not least to rock my turbans right. One of the simplest styles and easily my favourite turban looks are right below. I hope you love it too.

croppedjyZqCtuI-0bU7LY9cyZHEHbmcxe3y2kz5uZuGVSbOUE,Eryp5Yf21omOSCLZJoRGebx1hhxtmaZtZhw7_Ih4hmkJgT_DzdFG63UmXXuZPmo2Q36evllpaL0LNB4mTCgNd8,zYc22mNT4-JkIRVxJeRYrLk0GqRuvM6SKc5UuFXHW4QzTk2EUQRJlkRl58m12qhwVV7r2u0SlATa1fVitHRqOI,yvFI8P7F5C2-TIQmWetlm8g1_dM85jsbik0GK9aVjewMake-up – Michelle of Lush Beauty by Michelle

Eye lashes- Chelsea Beautique

Photography – SixtyOne & Jonas assisted by Nelly

Scarf – Toi Market, Adams Arcade






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