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November 18, 2015

If there is one thing that remains constant in the city of Nairobi, it has to be the unpredictable  weather.  One minute the heat assails you like a physical blow and then the next minute it is raining so hard the rain drops  feel like tiny drills on your skin. It can be extremely irritating and annoying because with this kind of randomness comes challenges in how we choose to dress. I am sure all Nairobians by now know how it feels when you leave the house dressed like an eskimo and by noon you only have on your tank top and pants/skirt or  when you leave the house when it is sunny and all you have is some light clothes and no umbrella then the mother of all storms decides to show up. It really really sucks.

Without exaggerating, the above has occured to me twice every week in the last month and its drives me insane. I mean just when I think I have it all figured out, I am rudely reminded how far I am from it. I am sure you (as a Nairobian) have tried being  prepared for any kind of weather, either by always carrying a jacket, scarf and umbrella or wearing a decent top or shirt incase the sun comes out and then after a few days of doing so…. you tell yourself, “Well, is there any point of this, the weather will just be like yesterday so there is no point of carrying all these things, they are heavy and there seems to be no rain after all..” And then lo and behold…right before you get to class,work,appointment etc you notice the change in weather. Uuurrgh!!!!


I happend to put this outfit together after I had been rained on the previous day and guess what?? It was extremely hot and humid after 3 hours of starting my busy day I just had to go back home and change.

svJFVVKNXEHh1ZvoihvxAJywPSTB2e-yY9tYzx4yELo,r6EEHUD36ztV9RT5XmKpaUsGxnrI7_pS5hBIKYBivTM,V9yEZisqBbbSc3JrCHN8WHCHv6uCdNr5he91RKd0wv0,x5UyFblWN7AtCF_3ZQBTGLRu1dEh8-ODkKy2TSpPWk0 Photograghy- SixtyOne

Sweater- Thrifted in Toi Market

Skirt- Thrifted in Karen

Necklace- Uniqueaccesorieskenya

Bracelet- Indian Shop in Ngara



Overall, I hope your keeping warm when necessary and your having a productive week 🙂

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