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The Versatility In The Black Maxi Skirt

March 21, 2016

Hello dears, I do hope you are well since my last post. Today I want to share with you about the FITTING MAXI SKIRT. If I haven’t mentioned it in the past, then allow me to reiterate that I am obsessed with wardrobe items that are versatile. Versatility in  a clothing item allows one to experiment with their personal style by pairing an item, such as this skirt, with other various pieces.  I will however speak more on versatility in an upcoming series and show you by example how I pair special clothing items to make many outfit options for various occasions,  be it dressing down or dressing up. However for today, I want to talk about how I styled this skirt.

I am, just like you, the type of girl who goes into her wardrobe each morning and instantly complains of how she has nothing to wear. It sounds ridiculous to many (especially to our brothers, boyfriends and husbands), but they do not understand the struggles. Well, I have been doing a bit of research (which I shall also share in the series I have mentioned above) about conquering this mentality and the main idea is to maximize on the items we already have in our closets and accentuating our personal style through pairing of various clothing items.

This black skirt is one of the items which can create multiple looks. I decided to go for this crop top which I have never worn since I cut it off a party dress I rocked to the club once upon a time, together with this simple yet chic throw I stumbled upon on one of my thrifting escapades last year.  I am happy to present to you one of the many ways I figured it could work for a weekend out and If you like it give it some love or even just a comment.

Have an awesome week!

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Photograghy- SixtyOne

Skirt- Ngara (thrifted)

Crop Top – previously and old bandage dress

Shiffon Throw – Toi (thrifted)

Bracelet – Mr. Price

Necklace – Mr. Price


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