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The Perfect Monday Blue for The Save

August 8, 2016

Hey beautiful. How is August treating you?I hope that it is full of light, hope and sunshine despite the undecided weather in Nairobi at the moment. As you know from my most recent post, last week I begun my internship programme. I have learnt tremendously about myself and also about life and hopefully I can be able to update you throughout my tenure there.
One of the aspects I have gotten to appreciate these last couple of days is time keeping. When you start working, the last thing you want to do is be disrespectful to the rules and regulations of the organization. You either tow the line or face the consequences. And as you all know, one of the elements to be adhered to has to be time keeping. Be it reporting time in the morning, after lunch break, to a meeting, or even making a deadline, time keeping is essential.
Personally, I knew my weakness would be reporting time because I am such an indecisive and slow dresser. I mean which girl isn’t? (But if your the exception you need to leave some of your tips down at the comments bar)

Every time I am about to leave the house, I usually take my sweet sweet time to dress until I am satisfied with my outfit. This week I decided to pick an outfit the night before so that all that was required of me the next morning was to shower and then dress. Sounds easy huh?  But guess what? That did not really work every day because I sometimes woke up not feeling the outfit anymore. Yikes. I know right? I can’t really be helped. However, I did notice that the two times life became much easier in those wee hours of dawn were when I wore a one piece, in form of a dress. Pencil dresses for work wear equals BOMB LIFE SAVERS. (if you feel the same say AMEN girl) It is a easy as, picking the pencil dress from your closet and effortlessly since there is no need to pair it with other items or accessories. I got this sweet blue number from a store in Westlands, Nairobi and it just CAME THROUGH  one morning. No hustles for choosing what pants, skirt, blouse,blazer to go with the item. You just wear it and your ready to leave….after you wear your shoes…of course 🙂
One of the mornings to work, I decided to go with a white blazer to bring out the blue since morning hours can be bit chilly, and a pair of blue shoes since I was going for a monochrome look. Very simple, bossy but still young and sassy.




IMG_9912 ed


Photography by Ken Nzau

Dress- Fashion Loft

Shoes- Fashion Loft

Necklace- Accessorize with style

Bracelet- Soko

Location – Monicos at Valley Arcade

Thank you for stopping by and also for all the love you ave me on the previous post.

Have a blessed week!!

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