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October 3, 2015

Being bold and confident is something I grew into as I was growing up. I do not  remember exuding much confidence or embodying it especially in my primary days. I was actually an extremely shy kid who never said much, harboured a lot of my feelings and opinions and basically preferred to blend in without being noticed. I believe that high school is where I slowly begun to come out of my cocoon and slowly be my confident and bold in how I walked, talked and even dressed.

Like you all know confidence and boldness is in how you put yourself out there and express yourself. What I have enjoyed realizing from my personal growth and journey in life is that you can do this in various ways and how I choose to do this is through my personal style.

e7JRQgeacbcj2tpIp1i1dJw9zetJtiVMkgfyi4M0lns,ghssODKsZfI5jjOj8c3QqY1GnBM4WQdKpedPXAzRlsw,poxGZxyJpyjncDeqhkCPRLTqEVUl9f8m0aYIjZfGeCkI love to get bold pieces that are  versatile, attractive, ageless, and DARING. Of late I have been slowly transitioning my closet this year and getting the items has been blissful and fun. This red dress top has to be on my top 5 list of items in my closet at the moment and in it I feel invincible. Having not owned anything red and irresistible inspired me to make this a few weeks ago and if I could wear this every day without being termed as a repeat offender I would gladly do so. The reason I am obsessed with it is basically for the fact that it highlights my look no matter what I wear. It goes with blacks, whites and other neutral colours which is a plus since you can just wear it simply by throwing it over a black tank and jeans (like I did here) or over a fitting dress and many other pairing to spice up the look.


Earrings- Mr.Price

Marley hair – @naturalhairkenya

Pants and neck piece – Thrifted

Make-up- Michelle of @Misslushmakeup

Photography – SixtyOne & Jonas

Dress top- Tailored by Coloured Sugar TeamlI7YcCPCoBinnSXvZ2wPwPWxFnCPOA22jaFBD24usH8,YAVjnofocnU_zQ3VMeWAG5FVG8thIEqNHa8Iw6bovOo,utp_-DAfRNGRO1ofueqqI4DSDUsV2QPr0YNOfDTS7Gs


Have a blessed weekend dear. And like always, thank you for dropping by.




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