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TAKING STOCK VOL 4 – Gratitude, Happiness, #DailyChallenge & all that JAZZ

October 1, 2016


One of my best features on Facebook is the one where it shows you your memories over the years. Here, Facebook shows us pictures we shared, status updates we posted and friends we added years ago on the same date. It really is nostalgic and nice if you ask me. The throw backs let us laugh at ourselves and teach us to be grateful for how far we have come.(Thank God the re-sharing is optional though because embarrassing doesn’t begging to define some of those old posts]. A few months ago one of the things that cropped up for me was a post I shared way back in 2012 from my first blog titled My Happiness and Appreciation Journey, which you can check out here.  I had totally forgotten about this WordPress blog I had created ages ago, therefore you can imagine the emotions I was going through when I opened up the post.It was dumbfounding to realize that I have always been sentimental and on the conscious search for happiness. On that post I talk about being inspired by two videos. One of Oprah Winfrey on her OWN YouTube channel where she challenges her viewers to pick the one thing that made you the happiest for 30 consecutive days and the other is from Dulce Candy’s  [fashion and lifestyle guru] Channel where she talks about practicing gratitude.

These two beautiful beings really put into perspective the aspects of gratitude and living in the moment so as to identify the stuff that make you happy and also remind you how GREAT God is. And it is from here that I started the journey of being grateful. I did this  by challenging myself to diarize the happiest moments of my day and what I am grateful for. I haven’t been consistent over the years, however, I would like to change that and make it a habit. Yesterday was my first day and today being the 2nd day into the challenge I would like to invite you guys to join me. This will change your life in so many ways by making you more aware of what you are going through in life and enables you to live in the moment. You will not regret trying it, I can guarantee you that. If you decide to accept the challenge, feel free to let me know on the comments down with the #GratitudeDailyChallenge

For now, let’s take stock:


Making: Every minute count and not wasting any second whining about what is not going right

Eating: Loads of cake this month because I’ve got many Libra’s in my circle.

Drinking: Black tea with lime and honey. It smells so nice!

Reading: The Wait by Devon Franklin and Meagan Good. I shared this on my Instagram and many of you requested I email it to you. If you haven’t gotten a copy, feel free to leave your email on the comments bar below and I will share it with you.

I want: all of you to like this post if you accept to join me on my gratitude and happiness journey this month

Playing: PYT by Wale. One of my favourite songs at the moment

Creating: A mood board just for DIY bottles on my pinterest.

Wishing: That you all knew what I had in store for you this coming month. I am very excited but I will not spill until it is all ready

Loving: This make up look by my very talented and gorgeous cousin Miss Lush Makeup. I can’t wait for her to start posting tutorials on Youtube.

Hoping: My sister has a wonderful birthday today and nothing comes in the way of that.

Marvelling: At Wale’s baby. Isn’t she just adorable.

Smelling: Lime. I love the smell of it, especially in the morning.

Wearing: A floral, short and playful dress today.

Noticing: That my skin is getting worse even after doing the most taking are of it.

Knowing: It is going to be a productive and wonderful month.

Feeling: Positive already having begun my gratitude and happiness journey yesterday.

Bookmarking: Dulce Candy’s website. She was the first fashion blogger I came across but somewhere along the way I forgot how amazing she was.

Opening:Up to my readers more and more of late and the feed back is overwhelming 🙂

Giggling: At this video DJ Sadic shared. This video really got me laughing out loud because that was me once upon a time but on whatsapp. You know how you can accidentally call someone on whatsapp when stocking there profile picture??….YIKES…That was me.

Feeling: Tremendously excited and grateful to be celebrating my sister’s 22nd birthday today. Sisters are gems sent from heaven and we should learn to celebrate and appreciate them everyday, not just on their birthdays.



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Photography by Ken Nzau

Make up by Georgina M

Skater Skirt – Mr.Price

Top – Old Navy

Shoes – Gift

As always, Thank you for stopping by.


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