Taking Stock Vol 3

September 3, 2016

“To grow, you must open up your mind to new ideas and concepts, reaching beyond what you think you understand and believe.” ANONYMOUS

Change is challenging. Change is almost never welcomed….unless it is termed beneficial. Change seems scary when thinking about it initially. Change is mysterious. Change may suck. Change may come when you  anticipate it but also it may come unexpectedly like a thief in the night, depending on your personal forecast.Change can be great. Change can be like a breathe of fresh air.



In the month of August I observed gradual change in the way I related with people around me, in my ideologies and in my way of doing things. The way I rationalized over a month ago is not the same way I do at the moment. This I attribute mostly to my new working environment which I still find foreign .

I am learning to open up my mind to trying out new things. Things I never knew I would be open to. Instead of limiting myself to the department I was assigned to, I am also learning from different departments as well. Instead of interacting with only other interns and my supervisors, I am also interacting fearlessly with the workers, other employees and heads of various departments. I am just eager and thirsty for knowledge. At first I was nervous and scared, but in gaining so much knowledge and skills by just interacting freely and openly, it has gotten easier .

While undertaking my course at the University, I always selected electives that had nothing to do with math or any numbers. My  worry was that it would be difficult and I would not get any good grades in them. Now that I am in the project finance department, I breathe, eat, talk and walk numbers. And guess what? I am enjoying doing it and surprisingly I am not too shabby at it, if I may say so myself.The difference is in my positive outlook. That is all it took and it has done wonders in other areas of my life.

Today, take time to think about your current situation and decide whether you need to change your attitude to unlock the opportunities waiting for you. When you are open minded and ready to learn from your environment your future self will thank you.

Now without much further ado, let’s go straight to my taking stock!!!!!

Making: A point to write a list of tasks to do each day and ticking them off once I have completed. It gives me so much satisfaction knowing that I have accomplished more than one task no matter how simple. You guy should try that too.

Eating: a succulent omelette I just prepared for breakfast

Drinking: Hot water as I type this. It has been my favourite drink for some time now

Reading: The same book as last month…Yikes!  But I should start another one next week. Any suggestions?

Wanting: To fast forward to graduation day in December. For my wonderful people who graduated yesterday, CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!

Playing: Unstoppable by Sia on replay

Wasting: No time coming up with a strict budget because I have realized how important it is for my future

Creating: Plans to take my business to the next level so I am getting pretty excited.

Wishing:Michelle Nduta Njoroge was back home because I miss her so much.

Loving: My personal journey and learning to appreciate it more and more each day

Hoping: That I can get plenty of rest this weekend.

Marvelling: At Jeff Sheldon of Ugmonk’s story. I love hearing people’s success stories and I think if you are into fashion and business you will truly be amazed.

Smelling:The fabric softner on my pyjamas and I love it

Wearing: Pyjamas since I really have no plans today. I was looking forward to going to a surprise baby shower but it got cancelled this morning sadly 🙁

Noticing:That my first month at work just flew by

Knowing: That there is a time for everything. Seasons come and seasons go but at the end of the day everything will be okay

Feeling:Very accomplished after a very productive month at work. I have learnt so much and met amazing people who guide me each and every day.

Bookmarking: This bomber jacket because I am just in love with it. It has been giving me life for months and I am hoping Santa (one of you…LOL) can come through for a sister. DM me for my address…hehe

Opening: My pinterest after this  come follow me and let’s pin stuff together.

Giggling:At a joke my cousin Nyacomba AKA Jonas told me. That girl is crazy

Feeling: So so motivated to work out after watching Teyana Taylor’s performance in Kanye’s FADE video. that is what we call #bodygoals

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Photography – SixtyOne

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