Taking Stock Vol 2

August 1, 2016

“Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.”

Mathew 7:7

It is a wonderful thing to believe. To believe in a power much bigger than ourselves. Early last month, I did my first taking stock post and on there I mentioned that I would really like a part time job. And guess what, my prayers and me proclaiming out loud worked because today I start my first day interning at one of the biggest firms that finance projects all over the country.  To be honest, I am very happy and excited because I serve a mighty God who answered my prayers, though at the same time I am also very nervous. Every great venture brings its own beautiful experiences but if you are working very hard, challenges are inevitable. All in all though I am extremely grateful to God and the universe for coming through in such a huge way. And I just want to take this opportunity to encourage you if you are stuck in a rut and do not feel things are going your way, just pause, and when you pause, PRAY. Do not give up because God always responds even if it is not immediately.

Without further ado, let’s take stock!

Making: My way out the door in a few minutes so as not to be late on my first day of internship

Eating: Toast and egg for breakfast

Drinking: Hot chocolate with my breakfast

Reading: The Lie by Alberto Moravia

Wanting: To sleep some more

Playing: Write on me by Fifth Harmony

Wasting: No time comparing myself to others. Everyone has their journey and my journey is MINE. No matter how different it is and what I would have loved to achieved by now

Creating: A list of fashion houses I would love to collaborate with before the end of the year and I am open to your suggestions

Wishing: All of you a blessed month and if your birthday is in August, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Loving: My goddess locs. Just installed them over the weekend and I am in love

Hoping: That today goes well. No Monday Blues here!

Marvelling: At Jannel Therese’s blog

Smelling: My Kenzo perfume on me

Wearing: An ouftit that is inspired by this look

Noticing:That my  sense style in terms of fashion is changing

Knowing: That things always fall into place eventually

Feeling: Nancie Mwai’s blog. Her content is amazeballs, creative and inspiring. I like the fact that she shares her knowledge and experiences freely.

Bookmarking: This video  by Ira Glass on the creative process. If you consider yourself as a creative in one way or another, this will resonate with you too.

Opening: Up to the few people that I trust in my life because harboring some stuff just kills me inside

Giggling: At this prank gone wrong ( stumbled upon this couple the other day and I love them.

Feeling:Grateful having being accepted into the internship program that I begin today. I pray that I am able to retain this energy throughout.

Dress – Fashion Loft

Photographers – SixtyOne and Ken Nzau

Creative Director – Koi Njoroge

Make up – Grace of Afro Glam

BTS – Nyacomba Jonas


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