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February 6, 2016


It’s Saturday and all I can think of is how I’m going to enjoy the beautiful day. I’m the type of city girl who likes to get out of town and explore other spaces as much as I can on weekends. I believe that Saturdays were made for exploring new places and having fun with friends if not staying home to netflix and chill (no pun intended). But on days like this where I havent gone out of town for a month I would rather go with the former. Late last year, a bunch of friends and I went to Ever Green, Kiambu for a bbq and had such a ball.To get to this scenic place we had to get onto a rough and an even road surrounded by coffee plantations for about a km. This was very hectic since most of us had low vehicles,but to be honest once you get to the venue we immediately stopped complaining about the journey that was because it is simply beautiful. The place was not as packed as it always is so we could make all the noise we wanted.

True to the name, Ever Green is really really GREEN. 80% of the place is grass, trees and other vegetation while 2o% is a man made lake. It is the ultimate Saturday plan with your besties since it isnt far from town and there is so many activities to choose from; picnics, bbqs, boat rides and even fishing (P.S you can take home the fish you caught at a fee if you manage to get more than two). This is fun because you cannot do half of these when in town and sometimes it’s essential to take a break from the city and just be one with nature. Also, if you just want to have sometime alone, it is a perfect place to go on a random weekday with a nice book and just enjoy the tranquility because it is pretty zen when there is less people.

Hope this post can give you inspiration to explore outside the city this weekend or even the next ones to come.  I tend to believe that when I explore new spaces, not only do I get inspired but I also feel as though my soul is nourished. Try go someplace new this year and you are gurranted atleast one of the two if not both. 22e0piEvz-CrKE6LbUyG5dtNTKZkNMr_fwy9IEX79ng,rQHreAKvr3xBu398_nzAyZpUz5Ym2UBuw6BgLTtq6cM,z4GRc0ffBJhhgLyqyeCTXQHS65Ob-jLlRvDKVMctpUcqZ2iv6TOlDE-dA97xp8C10y7ZWxc9D_xTVSqGQ7ot5U,X-J9vAlBEhGZz_MLosEFozAjxpHbAOFGBm3zzHDkrl0xp2F2F8wWaCj3SmETN0RpSTQdnNQhskWrAUI_c45KuA,oYYareNxdI4LnFSI1JclxHIO_eX5yCFX_c1A6JYHFwY,n8BwfyjBkfmYfaHGn84dKRYr7gsK-C0iFBkwZn0b5ZA5NqvcLxqLfm6_Wd4qMYzpMLLPyWc37IyGBSybFVOYuY,aew69z_azIUTNgbQSvEcqSddlA9YxAyHkoCzhvYpOJ8,diYmr3sNYUe344X7k9nRIkDxeribZmZnbgQ-iqKR9LMiOIjjMry1znHeWt0_zmq_0ByKtf9curriNprQp3HDdY,5-aCe7JLuaJkd-dAu6aFV55jxDOnBdVx8GZoxO0oC4I,95z0CK5-wMelhHb2hYfqXlNXiK6Ih5k7Hj24UkTd1kY,pOZh0nVUGI1hM3x3iPbThvOMvBmDfB5aYh2WzLtIbBA

Hat- Gift

Sunglasses- Gift

Tank Top- Thrifted

Necklace- Market Stalls

Earrings- Mr. Price

Shoes- Thrifted

Skirt- Coloured Sugar

Photography- SixtyOne

Where are some of the places you have visited? Please share them on the comment box below and I will see to it that I visit them before the year comes to an end.

Thank you for stopping by as always and stay blessed!

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