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February 1, 2016

“Stop saying or talking much  about what you want to achieve and start actually working towards it.”

About a week and a half ago, someone very dear to me said the above words and today being the first day of February I thought it would be rather appropriate to share with you all. First of all, can we just talk about how the year seems to be flying by so fast.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It needs to just chill and go slightly slower.  Secondly, I am absolutely certain that I am not the only one who finally wants to get the ball rolling this new month because January was merely the pre-gaming part. I know I know I’m such a joker. This is me taking reponsibility and confessing my doings.I am so guilty of always writing down my  resolutions and even going ahead to share most of them but I never get round to making the necessary moves to get the ball rolling. Thus far I have only garnered  a  little momentum which is nothing close to what is required of me to make the year ,the year i want it to be. And because I do not want to make any more mistakes or lose anymore of my precious time, I shall listen and abide to the wise words quoted above. And I hope if you are in the same predicament as myself, you shall find some inspiration in the message to follow.

There is nothing that screams taking charge than a woman in a suit.Pairing a perfectly tailored  pair of pants with a wide shoulder boyfriend blazer reminds me of just that. In it I feel like I can take over the world. In it I believe I can move mountains. In it, i am  the doer and not just a sayer. I can go to meetings and slay because my suit just speaks volumes about my intentions. To keep the outfit minimalitic, I wore a pair of small golden earrings and a golden chain to keep the look very chic and sophisticated. For some reason, wearing this kind of outfits just makes me feel instantly confident. To top it off  the shoulder pad just works it’s magic.

Have a look



Photography- SixtyOne and Jonas

Matching Suit- Gifted

Location- Ever Green, Kiambu


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