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Road less taken, step by step

July 6, 2015

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.”

Lao Tzu

When planning to embark on a new journey, one goes through an emotional roller coaster. One day you feel happy and excited, the next uncertain, the next doubtful, the next day super thrilled and the ride goes on and on. Personally, this happened to me a couple of months ago as I was planning to leave my work place and just concentrate on my business. I mostly had doubt because I was used to a salary,  and like any other human I had begun feeling comfortable. When you are comfortable it gets difficult to make changes and adjustments in life because you’re thinking of how you’re literally going to maintain the lifestyle you’re currently enjoying. Very few people take a leap of faith when in this situation because the fear of failure IS REAL.7g5oJAaNBgHMBvVz9mL7qfovXpMNQIfyhJSoKUF8hKM,vGrO8F0LDQPYlCTYuzMdjO_A7gzwWDihYpBimkff0F8,pGNOpwswe8gY9leVSFA3cFi3AmF6hzbfIc3E5gjPp7A

Obviously, fear is paralysing but whoever said that good things are going to come easy? They are not. Please trust me. We live in the age where people do not understand the words Delaying Gratification. Even I can’t say that I fully do because there are days I just want things then and then without putting any work and sacrifice. And then when it doesn’t work out I get frustrated. But guess what I am wrong about that and so does any one who thinks that. In case there is someone reading this and they are wondering what is this girl on about, well according to Wikipedia, Delaying Gratification means having the ability to resist the temptation for an immediate reward and wait for a later reward. A good example is going out for a party instead of studying for an upcoming tests and rather going out after the exam period. Going for the party in this case would be immediate reward and passing is the later BUT MORE IMPORTANT ONE. (I hope the example is sufficient)Zdh43DCx8iysk-q5XJRV-affRDJl5mv8tbASAtVBDXY,RyyU3l2yjMDc9EyuwLjWdEBGCiNq1JgpYNHmL-MZoZ8In my case, my immediate reward is my salary being employed and the important reward is my personal happiness and success. So, finally though, after having deep conversations with myself (yes I do talk to myself when I need to) and seeking advice from my people, I begun looking at the unforeseen positively and not in a scary way. Sometimes one only  needs an extra push from people who love and support you. And there is no reason to be ashamed. Positive being that I would work for myself and it would be more rewarding compared to working for someone else. It was not easy deciding but with prayer, advice, encouragement and support from my favourite people I finally made a step. So far it has been exhilarating and I am so happy to have chosen my personal happiness. I will not sit here and lie it is easy because it isn’t but I will let you know it is satisfying knowing that you achieved something you set out to doing.xHmtr3mBJIARFB-1m9ZU6dF74vsyjEqeF2HgJU8JyCw,gR-K706CbtSstt6cnponDDwpxuessQvknnl1Galz-0o

gh0S5OCC--rHZQDZ0gE9owNu78o0NGbhl835rZi6eCc,SA3FUDXcgooVmwqwzxnWLE4fTrd5oZMcNCi-JUZXWiQcTMRYJijZ7FjKnVWWukfoJh9SeQRlCSOPxjJaPECAUk,HvT-DNWOsxIal7RQp6QwBBN3-gX0_PuuO6GN_P62BKI,PkaOmnogF9Kr6gXOrvRtp3hKIymfs_VZ9TQoS95swbQ0SKgYsbQWnojJtWUIDohXvB2G8QQZMbNGKbrZblK_tY,cIGcve-FBnGUc1kFAJ4tpXkz8KKSL4jeOH3NkoEy_CY,u8GaY7HfbidzI0mDr_Uc1fQRBwzhs9upsuNlrxA0XZM6dt9dH8myVzI4AdcjcsHab0_DAHH9Pd8DlWl_ypIWgE,t_4ClwR_Qmrxa6d5zpziz0GJ_kqW95JkScEqqYgMo_sMy message to you this morning is take that single step to doing something you love and continue to push and urge on even when the going gets tough. Trust me, at the end of the day when your head hits the pillow you will have a very long list of things to be grateful for.

Dress Tailored by myself

Make up by Michelle Njoroge

Photograghy by Bem


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