Reflection Time

June 16, 2015

Taking time out of your day or week to reflect is the best gift you can give to yourself. I like to describe it as that moment which an individual decides to take some time ( at least 30 minutes) off their schedule to ponder and contemplate their existence. This being in terms of what their current situation is and where they foresee themselves in the future, their challenges and opportunities, changes they want made and how they intend to do so. In short, Self-Evaluation.


Personally, I enjoy doing this on Mondays because I am fortunate to have no major responsibilities on this day.During this devotion I begin with a word of prayer and then move to writing a gratitude list. Consequently, I then move to making an itinerary of what my week ahead should entail.An itinerary being the goals I want to achieve.This way my week is a bit more organized compared to when I just decide to live it out and on top of that I feel more accomplished. If you have not tried reflecting or just spending time with yourself consider this scenario.

Imagine you wanted to get from point A to point C and to get there you require a number of things before embarking on your journey.First you have to be certain that point c is where you want to end up. Secondly, what is point C really. If you can’t describe your ideal destination you may end up with a mediocre version of your dream or in the wrong place all together. Thirdly, why do you want to embark on this journey. Realizing its importance rewards you with motivation and a constant reminder to keep working hard so as to attain your goal. The fourth item to consider is the how. What vehicle or instrument will enable you to reaching point C. It is quite unfortunate that most people in my generation including myself go wrong in this step. This is because we are of the “WE WANT IT NOW” perspective. We want it all and we want it now. I have learnt that using shortcuts always catches up with us and it is better as much as it is difficult to go the long route which is much more fulfilling. If you think about it, making the best of your journey consists of hard work, persistence, patience and more of drawing a personal map. The only shortcut you are allowed is learning from your mentors’ teaching and avoiding the mistakes they made. These HOWs could also comprise of the resources that are at your reach,the existing opportunities you can harness, the attitudes you can adopt, among others. You can interpret this as the vehicle to your destination. Lastly after figuring out all the above you can now go ahead and set timings to your mini goals in order to avoid procrastination and lagging behind in these set tasks.

In summary of my illustration, think of your life as a personal project, where you are the manager and your time to reflect as a meeting with yourself to review your progress. You will then see your life getting better in regards to your effectiveness and efficiency in achieving your goals according to your specifications.

As the weekend approaches i urge you to take some time off and reflect on your life. you will be amazed at how the coming week will treat you.

Stay lovely.

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