Orange Power

June 6, 2016

Hey beautiful people. I hope your week was productive and you took the necessary steps to get you closer to attaining your dreams. As always, I am so happy the weekend is finally here,I can finally relax and have a jolly good time after a long week. I often find myself looking forward to the weekend because of some of the exciting and fun events I have to attend  where I can express my true self through my outfits.

Allow me to state how this orange dress just GIVES ME LIFE!! It wholly and truly embodies VITALITY. From its sweet heart neckline, to its perfect length, the vibrant orange colour and its natural fluidity comes together to make it sublime. The colour of your outfit has the power to automatically alter your mood and those of others. When I was coming up with ideas for this dress months ago, the one thing that I knew for sure is that I wanted a colour that would be  a statement and a personality on its own. Personally, I love orange because it resembles such great vibes and if I need to accessories I believe very many tones and accents can easily blend well with it. The first time I wore this dress was to the 2015 Jumia Glamour Awards  coupled with accessories from Shop Soko. It can also be appropriate for a wedding, afternoon cocktail party, baby shower and even a bridal shower. The pictures I took previously did not really show case the dress well so I thought I would treat you to much more tantalizing ones.

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Orange Dress – Coloured Sugar

Photography – SixtyOne

Assistant – Michelle Nyaguthii

Location – The Lofts, Kilimani

Do you have that an outfit with a colour that makes you stand out and also makes you feel like your the queen of Slay? What is it and where do you wear it to? I would like to know.

Also, if you are in Kenya and are  interested in purchasing a similar dress in your favourite colour, you can send me an email at nicole@colouredsugarbynicole.

Thank you for stopping by love and have yourself a wonderful weekend.



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