Dashiki Princess

June 6, 2016

‘Trying to contain all the excessive sexiness that comes with being African.’


 It’s always nice when the sun is out in Nairobi. And even better, when the weather is less indecisive, unlike what has become the weather this passed few weeks. I can finally wear this pretty printed number I have been saving for a beautiful day.

I made this dashiki printed dress months ago and whenever I planned to wear it, the weather always seemed to disagree. So on this special sunny day I am uber excited to be able to adorn it like the African city princess that the dress makes me feel like. Yes, I said it, African princess. I believe there should not be any problem to be vain sometimes because if you do not believe you are beautiful, sexy, pretty, cute, lovely and one of a kind, no one else will. And with that I shall bid you a lovely day, and I hope that whatever you choose to wear today shall leave you feeling like the queen, princess, beauty/ king, prince, handsome you are.

Photograghy- SixtyOne

Dress-  @colouredsugarColoured Sugar

Sandals – Thrifted (Toi)

Cornrows by Lucy (0705-477-355)








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