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June 25, 2016

Poetry by  Paul M. Njoroge


In a society ruled by inherent conditionings I find it a task to find purpose

In a world where we are overexposed before we know ourselves I struggle to find purpose

Told how to live and think without first the opportunity to discover unjudged

Set yourself free, let yourself be because she will like he was just as you are infinite and perfect, powerful beyond the measure your present reality portrays
In these times and many alike,
Love …
The breathing, living transdimensional force that is the most powerful we have yet comprehended seems to  have left our dwelling, lost in space and in its place darkness resided

As a result of my ongoing self discovery I not only come to state the problem but also to intricately paint the solution,
With each stroke the deception of duality descends
I come to sing of love and kindness with each verse the illusion of separation dissipates
And as it evaporates we begin to see the unseen
To remember what we had once known but since forgotten
And … we fathom the unknown
Enlightened we realise the ultimate truth!
That which was lost when we abandoned love and found darkness

Enlightened we realise the ultimate truth that …
All is one, all that exists is one

AAA_0818 AAA_0814



Black Lace Dress worn as top – Gift

White Pencil Skirt – Coloured Sugar

Shoes – Toi Market

Photography – Sixtyone Photography

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