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July 15, 2015

When I begun blogging again a few weeks ago, I wanted to share a part of me with so that you can get to know me a little bit better than before. Some of you may know this and some of you may not but there is no harm reading it anyways. This post will entail who I am, what I do and the role of Coloured Sugar.  People often ask me how I came up with the word coloured sugar and whenever someone asks my first response is always to ask them to guess how. But that is a conversation for another day.

For those that do not know already I am a student at the University of Nairobi (Bachelor of Project Planning & Management), a beauty consultant, fashion stylist and a blogger. My brain child runs under the name Coloured Sugar and has been operational for a little over 2 years now. The core business at Coloured Sugar is personal styling.

72DhGoRaA6rceXxrGy7J98hUpObdC4_0d-eARWzj_z8,9QCdFVNnDuIkWUNxu4GtrGd_4kKbyA9pnu4yt_iJvcsThe process of personal styling entails bringing together the act of sourcing, structuring and accessorizing to create a complete ensemble. Thus, creating harmony for the perfect look.XPZ3cNBej8sDTeRDpE9diNW2hEVaevj-nY3hAaJk34g,jC-0VacyGgXtCUKspD2UpDMheCqxjD4yqVtQEOmJ0XM (1)I believe that when you look great right from the start, you feel great and possess the confidence to scale any heights and obstacles that may hamper your perfect day. It isn’t just sourcing that Coloured Sugar does, sometimes one just can`t find that look or fit they desire. That’s where Coloured Sugar swoops in again with customized and tailored clothes. We are able to ensure the client has a unique and extra-ordinary look. These customized outfits range from skirts to dresses and blazers to trousers. All these made from fabric selected by the customer.mILCahefY31IzMDlPeqigtBnjINOqiHUfK2SGHYqzjs,ugNuUBhdumiw87UGW7vUdUbMFmMKWJCkc04JOQFgYzoI love seeing individuals transform and blossom into fierce and confident individuals right in front of me from the work of my hands and creativity. All these achieved simply by how they are dressed. It is that satisfactory nod through the mirror that makes me know that a client is happy and those same moments inspire me to trudge on even as I want to give up.


Coupled with styling, Coloured Sugar evokes creativity in writing. This is done in form of my blogging. My blog touches on matters styling, make-up, skin care, beauty and inspiration. And in addition, I am in partnership with the Fiallis store now located on 1st floor, Garden City Mall, Thika Road. It is fabulous store which facilitates for a transformation experience like no other, catering for personal styling services for individuals, companies and groups suitable for any budget and requirement. At fiallis we believe that feeling comfortable about your own personal style and body image is an absolute necessity of budget or lifestyle.


Blazer vest- Coloured Sugar

High waist pants- Toi Market

Make up- Michelle Njoroge

Photograghy- Bem

Enough about me, now that you already know what I love to do,what do you love to do? How would you describe your personal brand? Leave a comment below with either a link to your website or just a short description of who you are. I would love to hear from you.


In case your wondering why the vest is looking a tad bit familiar, it is because the same fabric was used in the making of this dress.

Enjoy the rest of your week!!!





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