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November 26, 2015

As the year swiftly comes to an end, I am reminded that many aspects of my life are becoming more and more engaging. As some of you know, I have been trying all year to work out how to balance school, work and a social life. An endeavour which  has really helped me admire the intricacies of achieving the right balance. I must however admit, that l am far from achieving this goal as I would have loved to. My second last semester is almost coming to an end, business is at its peak this time of the year and the holidays are a stone throw away and I once again find myself lost in the tornado of disequilibrium.  If I am to be totally frank with you and mostly myself, sometimes studying takes the back seat in my life. I am not proud of this fact but I am beginning to learn how to prioritize everything, including my studies. This is the first step towards achieving that illusive balance.

We are aware that long days that start early can get pretty stressful especially when you begin with not knowing what to wear. For instance, on an average of 3 days a week I either have early meetings with clients , or have to go fabric shopping .  I then have late lunch with my boyfriend or bestie, then head for an evening class and even sometimes have date night afterwards or fittings scheduled with a client. I don’t think there is anyone  who has this typical day and easily puts together a fabulous and relevant outfit for the day in a snap….not unless they planned it all the night before, have a team of stylists on call or ….have that DYNAMIC one piece outfit that comes in handy for such heavy days. I mean….please tell me what kind of outfit can take you through all of these activities other than a jumpsuit such as the olive green jumpsuit below. It is trully heaven sent and I do not know what I would do without it.

This jumpsuit can literaly single handedly take me through all my appointments, errands, class and lunch dates and all it requires of me is to transform it accordingly through styling and accesorizing.  I need not worry about changing for different segments of the day but just to merely glide through by folding the arms or the legs slightly or just change my neckpiece and shoes. How convinient is that !!cSd6x9R4gq2j0XAwQtOu6M7OrrtLPv3iSwSBs_n4-xw,UUcfdObJDYZSiuo6Wz0wweBTEZ6z3EqouZbyOGieqes,05ZbaZCHfI7TC49bHKPuAwmn9lVA7191fdOqzUspRB40BE1Pkzuv33wsByN7E_tZrkCxfXQTOO8R_7S5u6DShY,ekeohAu7O3BWexhAtxGjQmPzJcgdH2YHJeirZN0b3U8

Photograghy – SixtyOne

Jumpsuit – Mr. Price

Necklace & Bracelet -Accessorize with StyleiUg21srCGQzsS1HX-9ZkN6_6jBwk-lODgEivlLkIGNE,9K2awK_FlK5f2cwxJu_EQMTBOLMJbRni8QK-nwQlMUI,bPgnVaon2gErseSN11NTcuIudMYm9Z1tXcbwbGL9cEAyuBtBKBLB7zSfr8heN2iBLv5BFS7-D2_9VjRP73TalA,sJ14Jkq59EgZEsH1F0EZfIf1-FrPYKAxLsDubn7776M,IXaxhp77RK0g-NtFJdLaAY3qtwX9vaOJbBHKkyeG7soKEeS9mzgXQn6HpI2DOGBoYGItstbcpPTz9H-7-XELdw,87ONDHGhDZErJd_YG_XbpcsGTr7XJcPKEclRpbRJvbI

I would love to add more jumpsuits to my closet , so if you have any suggestions on how to go about that please share them with me by leaving any links below and if you want to share some tips on how to dress with a hectic schedule in mind, please share as well.

As always, thank you for stopping by!


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