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End of the week POP!

August 18, 2016

It’s Thursday night, the week has been long full of late nights and early mornings,the weather has been undecided through-out (as per usual in Nairobi), there are deadlines to be handed in by end of tomorrow (Friday), you are lagging behind on your favourite series (sigh), your energy is low but your friends are busy calling asking for plans, what do you do?

I am of the belief that what you wear says a lot about your personality and also the colour of your outfit has the power to significantly change your mood and add zest to your life. When you have the above as your weekly struggles, a simple and comfortable dress such as the one showcased below will come through so well that you will end your week with style, energy and somehow forget your problems.

Why? you ask…..

Because nothing expresses radiance, positivity, warmth, energy, and confidence like a bright ,simple and elegant piece such as this. Just like the pencil dress which saved you on Monday, this sexy number will COME THROUGH and save your Friday. You can wear it to work, attend your business meetings or presentations, and as if that was not enough, it will also easily take you through  to that special date or drink scheduled in the evening.







Photography by Ken Nzau

Dress- Fashion Loft

Shoes- Fashion Loft

Accessories- Soko

Location – Moniko’s Kitchen at Valley Arcade

As always,thank you for stopping by and I wish you all a fabulous weekend!


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