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July 3, 2015

I am over the moon as I write this. It’s not even normal……….

This being my first post in what feels like eons and also the first in this blog, I am absolutely stoked. I feel like I finally got my blogging mojo back and I only have God to thank and those that I cherish. I’ve been working on this website for about 3 months on and off and finally it is done.

It is so nice knowing that I have a space to be creative and share with the world what God has put in me. I recall with nostalgia the excitement I got when I used to prepare for new content, for new posts and specifically the hours spent tirelessly editing the post so that they would be perfect for all of you.  And I had honestly missed that.If you’ve been following me on my other social media platforms or since I had my first blog on wordpress to the fiallis blog you know that I am a huge fashion and lifestyle enthusiast and on top of that a stylepreneur. I am so grateful to those of you who have been supportive since my first posts and also to those who are joining me here for the first time. Hope that we can continue to grow together to greater heights and that I can always find  new, fun, interesting, informative, engaging content to bring you back each and every week. And on top of all that I am here to learn and that make me extremely excited (happy dance).

There is one thing that I have always believed in, and it is doing what you love and doing it to the best of my capabilities. In this post I will share with you a few quotes  that I have followed over the years to get to where I am now and I hope that they can be of assistance to  you especially when you are about to make some important moves in life.

1. Doing what you LOVE is FREEDOM. Loving what you do is HAPPINESSn6ZM5Ub-I-rmufdn9o6w4oz0oPR882JoSvlB54ZFO4Q,n9p2I5qC6Gbe4mDoYgNIAW4kBjIYjKneS3jTCNSLpAQ,LAK0ZAMnEakJSz7_tgAmyBwmjIO9oc0H9ojfJxRN0-02. “A lot of people are afraid to say what they want. That’s why they don’t get what they want.” -Madonna2sY4939N392g-CE6neh29o306E-I0juRXmnZyFinf40,VBrqXHoJfo8uZPWibPSo7nJUenpo4DJLJcWOroERoog,NfsFsuufYDVjXfp1-GZgqEBP6hX_OhiGkTUBc81XAn4 3. “Nobody is going to value what you do if you believe that it is nothing. We put ourselves at risk when we allow what we do be seen as invisible.”- Desmond Tutu’s daughter44r_7_ZR_uAUH7xvehScx0DmzH-d0IWVX72O3WUPMHs,1YAWCzkSzQJmtQuk7ZDJOeDU00heLk6yphoQUvmN1Ag,V2DNYw-w6J5lI14UIypNj8aUc9z90auZiaKToenMQj44) A person’s thoughts are like water in a deep well, but someone with insight can draw them out.- Proverbs 20:5lpC_iIVEjbYo0j_FMddYapJr3fRY1_6g0RSGEaZWGBE,t7_O0H6fMpZH2-_rT0T-EPw3Mgdlm5mXEHi-z7Qp7vs,dIr1_dYLMORVS2ldLD9enY0d1m4gxx_jP8Q2dwPg0E05)”A man is but the product of his thoughts. What he thinks, he becomes.”- Mahatma GandhiC1RbS7YCvGwF3QRdticZGIktwUeTrk2CGft3GDtJPPo,lMOj0wK51KeKP2welbySxOkzAHIU1gaxT46IHX7QZ1k,qb4QgdTLPRI6OCWGJsEGxvfvg2XtV0OwpDQbTs7VRtE6)”In any moment of decision, the best thing you can do is the right thing, the next best thing is the wrong thing, and the worst thing you can do is nothing.”- Theodore Rooseveltxlans0C_cAI51wAr_lU1l-w7Ohs1sBPsmPtmPpwb5P0,IasO0mCW062lTbUybxOFJfsYFTwh6PIHl0YsW5K3-A0,VBW5NOYt6OhxfxCAHPlVK3_K5W3ppRfT0t0OiqLrSvM7)”Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited, Imagination encircles the world.”- Albert EinsteinQU0wxNWMXZV_FCJfMp2aHoWxABxxyx-Ghjw_yzb-VO4,AQJZz9Ycf6KEfQvNQ148pJMIqBP0LRXUYKbttCLWnWU,Ht-vavb5Hgy_udIUxui-tKc8w2R3NdpeVLa46zLUezE8)”If you cant see it or say it you can not have it.” (*cant remember said this)H_fKutF9B3FF27EJBq-7uMhWB1rN2cfYG7fyeGa0rXY,VfqnUNadRJNggnlKRDK6Ugyf7aPD7gCxFNBoaT3zx9E,RBJyDc-LrcwRxMKNwXcbICaqixs-UieB_99ZJjiWCEAUcdtQibo6M_UcijnYYz8M9NrhyvBngNpXIO5IqXPe-I,Pc7_xU8Q7ZlqqoFu0OyvPcNV7Q612Z-JVQD5m73_tQc,dtZH9JE63TmxGW425mn7OyEd6uMp-tZWaXkd95yF5AIK8fxbl_cRO2pSB2BZ-Mqi4radB3Z0MpzPj3EtXbAsro,DKtAe8AZLGNfySyLKYtY9QL6Z2sg9wxvkGrY1ZKof_4,TVi7P16VJO1yautj-x4n82hP8X-T13FRbYM_LpiPO6U4f_tL_C7hgXdOsEFOpa__crriKG5gRvrDHWwDUrCHKg,TbdVKYx_SKS_4Ct1jq0jLqCKahSZehcwNKCJywPGzSI,h3F_wa4eQWBoi3NzBWh2DWtHO3eEI5KiucXdv7aPb9A,JuQcIldl1EMKCm06lglgI_BlNe9wCq5IYpj8XYP814UDgAZMiRITR4OIRjW9hzWIwOkfOQc9yDd8ZGW3cjfTok,T8KVF_hJ_5Ht1xHzkoNqRFqzoS6hJ6hL-8byki7tY0A,X0-ZvfDP-tHt-bXr8nveSOpJQuSRWgag2xrHuPPFEEoMakeup by Michelle

Photograghy by Bem

Until next time, Stay blessed!


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  • Michelle

    Nduta this is wonderful. I love that you are so relatable and inspirational. In definitely looking forward to seeing what’s to come! I love the pictures and the quotes (smart idea) kicking myself for not thinking of this first lol
    I love the word stylpreneur ???
    Also this website is giving me life. So proud of you sis!

    • Duts Kaduts :) :)I just re-read this message and its just such good music to my ears and soul. Thank you so much for the kind and motivating words. I am glad I got the idea for this post before you, so now I don’t get to feel kiwaru like you. Anyways jokes aside, thank you for being there whenever my face needs to be beat and also the cheer leading that you always do. Means a lot.

  • Aaw! I’m so proud of you hun! Blogging is lots of fun! Excited for you and for what’s to come! xxx

    • I am glad to join the blogging world again. Thank you for sparing some time to also leave some sweet words. It means a lot since you inspired my transitioning natural hair journey and your blog gives me life as well.
      (virtual hugs to you)

  • I LOOOOOVE, this especially Mr. Roosevelt’s quote :)
    Beautiful photos Missy. I cant wait to see more of what you do. ;D

    • Sandy!!!!!!! I am extremely glad you enjoyed the post. I will definitely not disappoint in the weeks to come. Thank you :)

  • sherry

    Awww so happy for you Nicole.. Your a go getter and that’s what is most pronounced about you. Cheers to making great strides in your blogging life and to making it in higher highs. Am fan hihihi. Lots of love

  • Good job, you’ve kept to what you love. The thing with blogging is that you just keep writing and exercising your mind and creativity, evidenced by this beautiful piece in both in writing and imagery. Two thumbs up Nicole.

  • Shiku

    Keep at it Nicole…!! Always is lovely reading your blogs…:-)
    Go Go Go!!! :-) :-)