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Day to Night Make up Look: Valentines Edition Ft Miss Lush

February 13, 2017

Love  Love Love

FX6A0272Love is in the air. Not just now, but always has been. God created humanity in his own likeness. And since God is love, we too are love. We each possess love and naturally gravitate towards it.

When it comes to finding the love of our lives we; search for it desperately , pray for it earnestly while we await it impatiently. However, once we find it, we cherish the glorious moments it gives birth to, hold on to its promises dearly, peg our hopes and dreams around it, dance to its poetic rhythms, share about it, and all the other good stuff. All because it is Truly Beautiful.

Most ladies will agree when I say that we love to look exceptional especially when meeting with potential life partners or the love of our lives. We want to bring out our very best and this includes serving face. In this post I collaborated with my very beautiful, extremely stylish and very talented sister Michelle of MissLush Makeup. My aim is to share her talent with all of you and in a manner you will also get to know her a little bit better.

As Michelle worked on my face for these Valentine’s Make Up looks I asked her a few questions regarding love, make up and inspiration. Hopefully, this post can also serve in also giving you ideas of what make up looks to go with during this WEEK OF LOVE.

Q & A with Miss Lush

Nicole: Having being your muse literally since you begun your make up journey, I have always been amazed by your work. My favourite being how my skin glows and looks flawless and also the colours your perfectly blend to make the eye shadows. Tell me, what inspires your looks when working with not only your face but also your clients?

Michelle: Thanks so much for those kind words and even more so for trusting me with your face and allowing me to experiment and practice on you through out my make up journey. As far as inspiration goes, I have to say that my passion for skin care and beauty is the basic source of inspiration and motivation for me. Additionally, I draw a lot of inspiration from my environment, my mood and Pintrest (which has many make up artists work that I admire and learn from). Earth tones and colors play a big role in my make up application as they look great on everyone and can easily transition from day to night by the simple change in lip color or smoking out the eye shadow for more intensity. When applying make up for my clients, I tend to get a feel of their personality, likes and dislikes as well as work with their most flattering facial features so as to enhance them to create a customized look for them. As for myself, being Makeup artist, I tend to be a lot more daring and experimental by playing around with lots of color and bold looks that most people wouldn’t do as an everyday make up look, but it’s all fun for me because I have no limitations and learn a lot about color combinations from practicing on myself.

Nicole:From working with you countless times it is obvious that you love what you do. What is your definition of love? And what’s the best quote or advice you’ve come across on love and why?

Michelle:My definition of love would have to be passion. To me, finding your passion is equivalent finding your purpose in life because when you have purpose you are able to love and be genuinely happy. This in turn affects your entire life positively as you’re able to pump good vibes in all areas of your life be it spiritually, family, relationships and overall well being thus creating a healthy balance.

Nicole: It’s that time of the year again when love is in the air. Ladies want to slay from head to toe, meaning they need they need their faces beat for the gods. What looks would you advice some of us non- professionals to go for?

Michelle: Valentine’s Day is such a fun time of the year as it reminds us that love is truly a beautiful thing. Feeling good and looking good is the best way to start off Valentine’s Day. I always stress that love starts from within so it’s definitely important to start with self love. With that being said, there are a few looks I would recommend, my favorite being a smokey eye and a nude lip, or a natural eye make up look paired up with a sexy red or burgundy lip. Both of these looks are quite easy to achieve and can be taken to the next level by adding eyelashes for a more romantic feel.

Nicole:How we dress up when going for a lunch date is totally different from how we dress for a night one. The same goes for make up. What looks are best for the day time and which looks would you recommend for the night time?

Michelle:Make up is a big part of an entire look, therefore it’s important that you know what works during the day and how to transition or switch it up at night. First things first it’s important to know what works for you as well as not be intimidated by what others do on YouTube or Instagram. Day looks can also be called every make up looks and are very easy to achieve. Day looks are clean, barely there earth tones combined to make a simple yet fresh look. For example, you could rock a basic brown eye make up look during the day and pair it up with a nice clear gloss, some mascara and powder/foundation and you’re ready to go! It’s safe to say that less is more for daytime. As for the evening, you want to go for a more bold, fierce look. This means you can play with color heavily and not limit yourself as you would during the day. For example you could pair up a smokey eye with a bold lip and not be frowned upon because it’s evening and you can get away with some drama and flair.

Make up by @MissLushMakeup

Photography by @Kevinbbuo

Top by @colouredsugar _ clothing

Day LookFX6A0286FX6A0305FX6A0269FX6A0299b

Night Look



Have a fabulous valentines



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