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January 9, 2016

Hello Loves. I hope your holidays were filled with lots of love, joy, happiness, laughter and food. I can happily report that my holiday was filled with exactly that and much more….  Christmas holidays are meant to be filled with beautiful memories and bliss and I  am thankful that I was able to experience many of those moments this holiday season. I bet that I speak for many of you, when I say I did not want it to come to an end !!! I also wish I could  share some visuals  of the same here like I had planned to, but the roller coaster of events in the past week  kept me away from my shutter. Being in Diani on the last week and through the first days of the new year was the BOMB.EVERYTHING.COM. From its white sandy beaches that scream PARADISE to the succulent coastal dishes. The coast has a people that are polite and easy going,  on its waters are the adrenaline filled water sports and to top it off wonderful company among family and friends . 2016 was truly ushered in with style and I am ardent that this new year carries with it a vast array of opportunities for those willing to take them up.

Early last week before I left for holiday, I was honoured to have a collaboration shoot with an awesome brand that I love to represent called FIALLIS. The idea of the shoot was to have a NEW YEAR’S EVE LOOKBOOK but since there was such little time to work on it, I was unable to capture the theme from that angle and instead we opted for an evening wear theme.

One of the main reasons I hold Fiallis in such high esteem is not only because the owner is a good friend of whom I have known from our bloom but because her store keeps an array of good quality pieces that are very unique and ultra feminine.Everytime I try on their items I feel as though I am super woman that is extremely elegant and confident. My posture even changes and my walk turns graceful.

Here are a few of my favourite pieces you may opt adorn when attending a special event such as a new year’s eve party or on date night with your better half or girlfriends.

LOOK 1jLT2HGcsOGXnwlT8ClyKozU98bCT-MZ3ER4rsH8oku4,PO3ncrDVb6iI9vqlIOhcdlL6Ai-UJNsOMi3FPdFObLY,7-Uw8zoh5oOCPdqMqX5nBaWvf4E4b8wcHMkjTXBqum0,wj4JrV6uvfyBiNJO2YE43DYOXJ75vFA-kRpd4jM62MM ajd-kCvqo0InL961BxeotpKTwKP_7bR9Tj1O97tCwbE,-gjCSKEuFlHwr5-IQvU4qn3Uu5aBYsU2vYJ-TnGe720,otTD9st12c6POolDNciBUbRq9ZuJdgDX7Ivw18E8Ei8,0qiC6RzKJSDjo5wsYI_LcrcGYH8TDvrq47spzjYowuM3ziRneNpqWyr75UnJOIc7b1gRl4KH2-ZYTee_7rXsoQ,7oZ_-GZBF6bSarlQ6Hxp09e8PZlz9K_6Q6miXCp_QqI,X1Pt8JujEyQqCEQh2sDk6IdGm5vfWVp8z27s49Ke5oA

LOOK 2 di2BSIl3xj5A_o0s2XdVeMcNGv-psdZ603wrEqGi6pY,-n-J2m4t9s2c3XP_-4kisDAEQulrqlgijcNOftGJt0Q ElUDxv1sRfGdu2_VeNDu-g3CosS6RFy4JHIVowgYs6Q,6z6orB2214pNRWYfO4_QGnGUiHuNZze5eNmy8ALrZXc Nnnekl666ROqg2iaBhUVE2QxuH_2-jkbP9nniN2s_Do,JqvBRVePK1bC90_Ite9JcN3DdI1w3M2kwl8ji4xo6V4,DBM1CQy1A4YHdZGXFpHll-iolSiyJ23Ab3hKmPzEBysaQ_Sy_PmbZvQMHHRtNZVZ6ZMyOA1u_s-H-ssWKIwG9o,RoG-wcB0urvVtv4sm-T9_crFGhkJapt8NGBcnwQlXVo,7nFFcEtx-uDl2TFGYZAGx4yGgAnVxtJP6ksqjeUoXeE

LOOK 3rV85RyOn9MTINk_RmIPuxl9vE8haonUevbKw9Naz118,chbEet_W6Mge8DY-bODK6vbyBm2bufvBrHbap1-MIjY7Qoa38DuRpDFCxkKsCIslodu3UZFvyRdifCtVmX3KgY,UJwNP25XN0gdp4pgAXTpkADG7BzYgMijsB0lTGk3av8D0gIjO0hGytZnOYkhQRDzi4q4iToUIwmtSNEnHRQNRo

LOOK 4fPSV4Ibms1FrsWpSi0Jghvq-Tv5tE47E_Dyz575Jkko,fHrcOScvCX9wKvayAM3kWql3N2j2qaStZUX8R-7NieI,464HD7Fr-fGpnk5vDJu7XkCDZVComzTMz8-cHokIJYoEmGDgjP4zzpQokqx2qKSR00ldXbRBVuRepmwhQ3Sz_4,Tkzmqbawy7Fl7-4zp95PFGwjN9kHCgXc1HEDdBKXuOw,i61iU5Iz-aBlDGFb70BM_ATTKDGnaqVbcM6DV9RUNaIYDzqraOqBRemGclqyU5hqGRI6di7p17HXQZjtaLAHh0,Y-zayFoFWU1t8brPZlKq30VZQm0f7HKNV7I-r96fk2U,bDAiRGwToH47Qaih_hVpnPLHJX3GTzvFdydenrR3hQY



Photograghy by SixtyOne

Videography by Jonas

Here is a video showing you how much fun it was shopping and shooting for this post. Hope you enjoy



The store is located on the 1st floor of the Garden City Mall, Thika Road. Pop in, Im sure you wont be disappointed.


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