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October 9, 2015

“One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.”

English Proverb

I know some of you are probably wondering what I mean by the word thrifted. Fret no more child for I am here to answer you 🙂

Thrifting is when an individual or a bunch of friends decide to shop in thrift stores  (second-hand shops, vintage clothing stores, flea market or even garage sales) for trendy, unique, vintage clothing and/or other items, in the hopes of buying several items of cheap and unusual clothing and other items. This is also known as buying ‘mutumba’ in Kenya. We have loads of places in Kenya where we can thrift or get second hand clothes (mutumba). I personally like Toi Market since it is literally 10 minutes away  from my house.

pLzRcnZo2gQqobPcGBxUbKAtc3Dk2UmNttD3I7xnrdw,3Gx9oM8Atfw1p6NrKFIE0kBtFcTTenj4IFWh24E_Pb0,okZlFmaWeoSHI4JkmZ73aqtRfTrFr2jIbbK9ZB2_BnsNot everyone likes or agrees with the idea of shopping for stuff that has already been used or worn by a stranger because of personal reasons . But I on the other hand do not mind at all ( unless we are talking intimates) and I love love to thrift whenever I can because it is where I get some of my favourite and unique pieces from and at a very very low price. Believe it or not I stumbled upon this black sexy lace dress  in Toi Market a couple of weeks ago while trying to search for sweaters. I could not believe my luck. The fact that I did not have to adjust it at all  meant that the style gods had sent this for me.

 Hopefully, this black sexy dress will change your perspective on thrifting because if it does not, I do not know what will. z2eFiktnZnGKPwtQEU-DxY98lRqn4IOKlAnGauxD-vY,ByT5SACPPt-Ylio_t30X-GMiLq07WXIL9cExLPHaqdg,27kX_4zd6Hmr2CKnqDl2eqFGBBZETZ3MUsoyxtbMaqkRIE_y6DCarQKSaZcf9dIi7eEuehAbUCVDJRRKkA_sYA,8JJqauN6nWozFfpIIhQmb23svmP13eQTnfXtVd8wBYU,YW8XArDRAqXUv7z0rDcHFaLxqFnbO-zJ8YdEvUWhyUE,TEqYK85Oee5advBT3g5I2_nPc7rdpMXLoh0mkeGzSb3FWVFirB1OJeDjhHd3Bcy-BTZZYkKtAmhHjQ,qcUKHtcO7Y6Et8naB18nBOt79aO8pObbo6Qwvb5qucI,458k-4eC2i__kiZvwUsKPc0QsRvYsc5L3lwnFYBNevg

Chunky neck piece – Accesorize with Style

Long neck piece with horns- Shop Soko

Marley hair – @naturalhairkenya

Dress – Thrifted

Make-up- Michelle of @Misslushmakeup

Photography – SixtyOne & JonasE6dCrMbKr3i42Ypyt6EV0fUEh2GADssrMTKucKpe0qs,LPrkfLqxRBIP_cBIg-iAbg-0epBbiHk_CGGKUH2CYHU,XX_OgiiMxA7Mj7YA-exysC3Tvh-yODwSltf_GXx4Xy0,FWHeiD73fdqNBWdolD0KFCU0a3wFw3AkV6732qXQOxmdT1GDxCqjaZscAkTpwvtURijygP9AVFOgLQ,kgStYRcSNBRQW0oPjZFr1d7hQUEA-BJ6BwJMxotJneQ,FGSW2jaKJA00H1G9Jv4UknRCFJl91pk6yzlhYgPnQdU,2eozdzCo6bLxyeFcggE3YMB_0Rk5zOYSwRd

I wish you all a wonderful weekend full of love and laughter . And if you have not gone to toi, ngara, kangemi, muthurwa or wherever you prefer to thrift in a while there is a weekend plot for you.

As always, thank you for dropping by.



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