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Bantu Knots with Marini Naturals Curling Gel

February 24, 2016

Curls. Curls. Curls. Lovely, Glorious CURLS.

There is an array of ways a naturalista can get perfect curls, and being able to achieve fine curls without using any heat, is even sweeter music to my ears. As we are all aware,heat does more damage than good for the hair and therefore finding styles from the online natural communities that exclude heat and trying them is always exciting.

Curls have grown to be my go to style when my hair is out and many have been asking on various platforms what I do to achieve them. For the look I had on my last post, the curls were a result of bantu knots which I have perfected over time. I used Marini Naturals Curling gel which smells heavenly and I fell in love with the results.  Here is how it’s done:

STEP 1: After my  wash routine, I let my hair  air dry 90%

STEP 2: With that done, I then apply pure coconut oil as a moisturiser  and then section my hair into four segments using peg like clips. This enables me to be faster, makes it easier for styling and gives neater results.

Step 3: I take a smaller section from the bigger segment and apply product into it.

Step 4: After applying product to the small section, I then do two strand twists and if necessary apply more product and water while doing that.

Step 5: As I do the two strand twists, I end it by twisting it to itself until I am able to tuck it in.

Step 6 : I continue this process  throughout my hair and when done I cover it with a satin scarf throughout the night.

How it looks when I am doneAAA_0939_26628

Curling Product- Marini Naturals Curl Magic! Curling Gel

Ear cuff – Here

Photography- SixtyOne

Assistant – Michelle NyaguthiiAAA_0935_26625


How I undo them when they are completely dry the following morning



The end results

AAA_0988_26677 AAA_0997_26686AAA_0989_26678

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