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February 20, 2016



Winston Churchil once said that attitude is a little thing that makes a difference. And I agree with that. When you have positive thoughts you become positive and your outlook towards yourself and your surroundings is also full of sunshine. Ever since I can remember, I have always tried to begin my day on a good note. There is nothing as horrible as waking up on the wrong side of the bed as they say, and not doing anything about it. I mean there are days that even when you try, there are people or situations that make it had to prosper. The smart thing to do is to trudge on and make the best out of life by remaining positive because giving up is not an option and neither is accepting things that can be changed without a fight.

One way to begin your day well or to face situation is by re-affirming yourself by saying I am beautiful, intelligent, smart, ambitious, educated, and much more. THEREFORE, I AM CAPABLE. Also, another way you can feel like you can handle anything and everything like Olivia Pope, is by wearing that special outfit that makes you feel invincible.

Personally, this cape blazer that I made about a year ago is one of my favourite accessories because I can dress it up and I can dress it down too. A couple of days ago I happend to have started my day off on the wrong foot and since I had to shake the negative attitude off, this look really came through for me. I decided to create a simple casual outfit around it for a day time function and I loved the results that it gave me inwards and outwards.

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Photography- SixtyOne

Tailored Cape Blazer- Coloured Sugar

Brown heels- Backyard Shoez

Denim Jeans- Toi Market

Tank – I can’t remember

Necklace – Jennies Fashion House

Ear cuff- Gift

Thank you for stopping by love!!


If you have that one outfit, accessory, scripture, food, drink, song that tranforms your day please do share it on the comment box below and if you are in Kenya and are  interested in purchasing a similar blazer you can send me an email at nicole@colouredsugarbynicole.


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