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June 11, 2016

Hey there sunshine. I am sure you are probably wondering where this girl (me) has been and why she is never consistent. Well, today is the day that I admit that I have been busy since January with my final year of school  and whenever I am free I get super lazy and do not want to think of anything but chilling. And now that I have come clean …..I have some awesome news to share with you.

I AM FINALLY DONE WITH UNDERGRAD!!!!! (insert dancing emoji)

I am super excited coming to a close of this long, tedious but all the same wonderful journey. I should probably wait for graduation but I can not bottle up my joy that long. I am proud to have made it this far. Also, I am sharing this so as to make a commitment to all of you who look forward to my posts by stating that I shall work super hard in ensuring that my consistency  improves and that  you and your friends are welcome to catch a glimpse of my ADULTING journey.IMG_5430In this space, I want you all to feel comfortable and at ease. I want you to understand that in one way or the other we some how go through the same experiences in life no matter where we are. Now that I am done with this stage (Undergrad) in life, I have different responsibilities and people around me expect certain things of me. For instance, of late, people around keep asking “So when are you going to get a job?” or ”Have you started looking for a job?”, which I am sure is  commonly asked during this time in life. I mean it is the only normal thing to do after completing school right? But how about some of us who want  to take the road less taken and just explore our talents and perhaps take our side hustles to the next level.  See, I have been running a business (read more here) and for the longest time I have wanted to dedicate more time but it was difficult juggling it with school  and hence making it a tad bit hectic. I have been looking forward to this period of less commitment and now that it is here, I am more confused than I have ever been my entire life.

As most of you know, the life of an entrepreneur is full of uncertainties. One month business is booming, the next, you are either breaking even or nothing at all….it is a continuous cycle. And being one who believed that I will be able to jump into business full throttle after school and now having to face reality of maybe having to get a job so as to  provide capital for the next level is just equivalent to a blow on my face. I don’t want to but I might have to and there  my confusion comes in. Should I focus solely on my business and just save the capital from it until I am able to get where I want to be? or should I take a leap to the unknown, get employed as I balance it with my business, put away more while I also learn how to effectively and efficiently run my business from an actual model?

Well, life is a mystery and to follow your heart is not easy. All we have to remember is to try make smart decisions and regard our mistakes as lessons and not regret because life’s best moments are in our journey.

As time passes I shall let you in on what path I decide to embark on. But for now I would really love to hear your story on how you got your side business to be your main business. What is your advice to me as an experienced entrepreneur during this confusing time?Did you have to work first? Or what approach did you use to gain capital as a start up?…Looking forward to your wonderful feedback on the comments bar below.





Dress- Gift

Flower Crown – Dalia (DM her)

Hair & Make-up – Grace Dador of Afro Glam

Photographer – Ken Nzau

Thank you for stopping by!!!!

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